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Caring for Cashmere: A Guide to Fabricare

With the winters nearly over, you may feel it is high time you rested easy about your woolen and winter wear. However, this is the most appropriate time for you to make sure that your Men's Cashmere, Women's Cashmere and Cashmere Accessories. A better understanding of how to care for your prized Ladies cashmere sweaters, Ladies Cashmere Cardigans and other premium Ladies Cashmere Clothing will only help you care for your beautiful Cashmere apparel in an even better manner. Let's look at various aspects of maintaining your Cashmere clothing one by one -

  • Washing
If you're anything like most Pure Cashmere owners out there you avoid washing or otherwise cleaning your prizedcashmere stole or pashmina shawl. If you indeed feel this way, it is time to change, for even the tiniest bit of food or lint on the fabric is enough to attract moths and mould. So, even if your cashmere clothing doesn't appear to be too dirty, give it a through cleanse before putting them away for the next season.

If you're washing the clothes at home, it goes without saying that Cashmere needs to be hand-washed with extreme care unless your Washing Machine comes with a hand wash setting. Moths absolutely HATE the smell of dry cleaning fluids however, so if you can afford it, go the extra mile and have them dry cleaned for extra protection.

  • Storage

Do you love your Womens Cashmere Scarf and Pashmina muffler? If you do (Of course you do), make sure you don't store them in cardboard boxes as they aren't pH neutral and may react with the chemicals in the fabric and reduce their quality. Also, we suggest you go on a housekeeping rampage and eliminate any damp or mould you encounter to protect your prized Cashmere Shrug and other Cashmere Ladies Accessories. Similarly, declare a War on Moths and use Cedar Balls and other Anti-Moth agents to wipe them out of your house to protect your apparel.

We also suggest avoiding plastic bags for storing Cashmere clothing because changes in weather may cause condensation and damp. Try and store them in well aired and dehumidified conditions and away from direct sunlight.

  • Already have Moths? Don't worry...

You can use Moth traps that are pheromone laden traps that trap and kill the male moths leaving the females to fly around with no eggs to lay. The life cycle of a moth is 21 days, so, a monthly shakeout for your ladies shrugs and Women's Cashmere Tops will do them a world of good. Another tip you may use is freezing your Cashmere, which may appear to be mental at first, but works absolutely wonderfully as it kill everything including moths and moth larvae.

Following these steps will ensure that you're able to maintain your prized Cashmere apparel in prime condition. We hope that as a top Cashmere Online Store known for its premium Ladies Accessories, we have been able to help you in caring for the amazing material that Cashmere is with the love it deserves.

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